About Elmont company

The company "ELMONT" doo Bijeljina is a private company, started in 1997. year. The main activity is:

       Execution of works of electrical installations and power plants,
       Technical documentation of electrical phases,
       Lightning rod and power equipment.

perform these activities the company has the following resources:
  •      Professional and skilled workers,
  •      Construction machinery, transport vehicles and other tools necessary for the subject work,
  •      License no. Register of 4561/2011 for the execution of the works,
  •      License no. Register of 4554/2011 for technical documentation,
  •      The decision on eligibility no. 26.070/313-136-34-6/11 to practice in the field of electric power to:
  •      Auditing and testing of electrical installations,
  •      Installation and repair of electrical equipment in installations with a nominal voltage to 35 kV,
  •      Revision and testing of power plant, associated equipment and devices with a nominal voltage to 35 kV.
  •      Office space of 1500 m2 in the ownership,
  •      Certificate ISO 9001:2008.
The priority in business is the provision of quality in providing the following services performed in the electro-energy facilities, including:
  •      Wiring in the residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings,
  •      Indoor, outdoor and public lighting,
  •      Low voltage overhead and underground networks,
  •      Substations with associated transmission line up to 35kV,
  •      Installation of low voltage.

In the field of wholesale and retail electric materials are authorized distributors for renowned manufacturers whose products can be viewed at the following sites:

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